Revivre - "Brand New Brand"

As the title suggests, the project introduces the creation of a new clothing label, aimed to engage the nostalgic subculture of the Indie-scensters. Primary Question hereby focused on the creation of a clothing label that is differential from the norm and which can be sold especially to a retro influenced male target audience aged 18-25.

Define Your Style, Fulfill your Desire.

Acknowledging my audience to be Generation Y (born onwards from 1980 – 1999), it is the popular culture of the 80s that influenced this generation the most. As a result movies, music and even the fashion worn by the parents and peers during this decade, formed overall memory of their childhood. This in turn contributed to the fact, that items and general stylistic devices are relived to substitute the longing of their past experienced in the now. To build upon this awareness, I came up with an overall theme for the brand that in practice will recycle existing 80s and 90s textile with contemporary clothing items and will play with the popular culture experienced within a more illustrative t-shirt design collection.

Research:  Hereby, the different Personas, reflect on a different but active lifestyles, that either reflect on an interest in Music, Art and Design or Sports or a merge into all of these fields. Thought behind, was that by creating a Brand with multiply characteristics, the audience will have a wider choice of reflection, which will contribute to each individuals identity development. For this I have chosen the Brand name, Revivre, the French word for “coming back to life” emphasizing on the Brands recycled nature into a deconstructed style, that should reflect on customisation, uniqueness, playfulness and variation and on the rather complex nature of an individual.

Whilst finalising the brand identity and creating fashion samples, I also considered 'Testing' these, hereby research revealed that even a younger audience, 15-25 year old, is appealed to the fashion and illustrative T-Shirt designs. Referred to the qualitative and quantitative research undertaken it engages a wider segment not only targeting indie-scenesters but also a certain mainstream audience of Experiencers, Strivers as well as Innovators. Noticable hereby is the common interest in the alternative scene engaging with skate culture and indie-music.