Unleash the Wolf Illustration - series

Whilst setting the basis of the New Brand "Revivre" first testing resulted into a series of t-shirt Designs. Here aim was to take quotes, lyrics from songs, memorial characters from the 80s within movies and re-live them onto illustrative t-shirt designs that could be engaging to a wider audience aged 15 - 25 year olds. To start with I concentrated on the movie "Star Wars", which I thought was most memorial for the intended male target audience. Different experimental stages led to directions to create a pastiche like outcome or an appropriation of low cultural forms that merges different contexts into one. Here I have noticed, that either way, I am trying to compel existing stylistic references into a similar duplicate that is not conceptual strong enough to be in any way different from the norm and compete against competitors. Breaking this rather apparent theme, I had to rethink about my approach.

To think outside the box and less focused on nostalgic memories, I thought of my own childhood. Whilst coming from a German background, the Grimm stories were a popular medium for parents, to put their children to sleep and to teach them indirect morality. This I thought could be taken further conceptually, and initially could concentrate on the morality theme. By investigating different stories especially that of Hans in Luck and Little Red Cap, I analysed the stories after the Freudian psychological constellation of the Id, the Ego and the superego, this lead to the idea to create the whole brand concept around this idea. This would strengthen the concept behind the brand and could engage the audience within a brand story that has not been experienced before. Coming up with different ideas regarding the Little Red Cap stories that are either ironic or serious in nature, I have decided to keep the theme overly ironic, which could link well with the initial thought of playfulness within the fashion pattern designs. To come back to the idea of nostalgia, I thought merging the past 80s references within the story of the Little Red Cap could be quiet engaging, whilst the Brand concept could be based around the Wolf and twist the idea of morality into irony and simultaneously encourage the Freudian psychological idea of the Id into a positive outlet, that reflects on my brand proposition.

For realization of illustrative Designs, I came up with collage visual mock ups that merge with 80s references. The collages on its own have visual deconstructive, colourful appeal that some people suggested, I could use for possible t-shirt designs. Taken the collages further, I focused on a more digital graphical line art drawing with a chunky kept frame that shows at times more traditional banners or a more geometric formed technical banner, giving the contrast of old (traditional story) and new (reinterpreted story). Whilst processing further with illustrations, I interviewed intended Target Audience. Here I became positive feedback about the idea and visual outlines, which further informed that strokes of the line art had to be much more visible and even more chunky, supported by a strong colour outlook. Suggestions included a woodblock or spray paint stylistic outlook. Taking this further, I redefined each drawing to strengthens the visual continiousity. For possible colour choice I have noticed that the bright colour choice does not work well with my brand insignia and would overwhelm the pattern idea used on the fashion items itself. Here I have decided to use black and white shading that can alternatively reflect on the Id, the dark side within someone, whilst little knitting could present the resulted desire. This also visually breaks up the illustration without being overindulgent and contributes to the visual insignia of my brand and with it the recall effect, a successful brand should have. Further I experimented with a reduced colour choice of 3 matt colours, which also worked pretty well for possible t-shirt Designs. Here the customer could have the possibility to choose which design suits him/ her best. Whilst the black and white t-shirt Designs would be wearable with almost anything.


Overall, I believe I created a visual engaging fun-loving illustration, which is closely linked to the 80s visual style, I wanted to give across. It evokes memorial references through the use of quotes as well as the visual drawn elements and simultaneously engages the viewer in a witty way.