"Ideas" - made happened

  • Waitrose Infographic

    Illustration / Motion

    Showcasing the latest findings of Waitrose. Promotional Video for JCDecaux.

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  • Illustration / Motion

    Showcasing the latest Finance Research by JCDecaux, the illustrated animation peace aims to give insights about "Connected Commuters" thoughts and opinions around the topic finance.

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  • Illustration / Motion

    A promotional advert for JCDecaux, which aims to encourage car commuters to sign up to 'Connected Commuter' survey questionnaire.

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  • Connected Content

    llustration / Motion

    Self-directed animation peace with a minimal illustrative style designed to promote JCDecaux's outdoor advertising 'Dynamic Content' creation.

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  • All About Eurostar

    Web design / Illustration

    Within JCDecaux I was asked to produce an interactive informative design, showcasing the research of passengers of Eurostar.

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  • Revivre Menswear

    Fashion / Photography

    Revivre, the new fashion label, aims to reinvent existing 80's and 90's patterns to realise a deconstructed and spontanous outlook to a Retro lover audience.

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  • 12x Unleash the Wolf Designs

    T-Shirt Illustration

    Further development of the new Brand "Revivre" resulted into the Unleash the Wolf limited edition T-shirt Designs. llustration hereby reflect on the Grimm Story of "Red Little Riding Hood".

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  • T-Shirt Design Packaging


    Revire's T-shirt Designs were packaged in a 580ml Jar underlining the desire of consumerism and the act of purchasing a product for identity creation.

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  • Revivre Brand Development

    Logo / Brand Booklet

    Booklet Design was created to showcase Revivres Brand Identity and Philosophy and is kept in a minimalistic manner with an emphasis on typography.

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  • Ray Ban Campaign

    Web design / Motion

    Whilst interning at B-Reel we were asked to create an interactive Website Campaign to celebrate Ray-Ban's 75th Birthday.

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  • Information Design / Booklet

    Illustration aims to break down essential facts during the first phase of the French Revolution for kids aged 8-12 years.

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  • Illustration

    Emotive illustrations aim to visually communicate the journey of Marie Antoinette during the upheaval time of the French Revolution. This is aimed to appeal a younger female audience.

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